How Much Firewood Can You Stack On a Pallet?

A pallet on which firewood is stacked 4 feet high (with supports) can hold right about 0.4 cords.

This presumes that the pallets you have are 48 x 40 inches (the standard size).

But to achieve these results, the pieces have to be placed correctly, in order to maximize the space.

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To start with, i assume that the wood splits you have are at most 16 inches long (which is also the common size). If they are, you’re going to be able to put three rows along the length of the pallet. (Image 1)

Doing so lets you utilize most of the pallet’s measurements, and that’s how you can achieve these results.

*By supports i mean stuff like 2 x 4s screwed at the ends to create somewhat of a cage, to prevent the wood from rolling.

You can also use other pallets as well for this sort of thing. Here’s a great YouTube video on how to get it done:

Why 4 feet?

Because i feel like it’s more than enough height.

You could certainly pile the firewood even higher, but then you will have to add additional, longer side supports… At the end of the day, this is also a common height in many other homeowners’ books, so i tend to stick with common practice.

If you want better drying results…

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Unedited image by via Flickr

If you want to ensure the wood dries properly, i would suggest only to stack two rows, in other words, along the width of the pallet instead. (Image 2)

This opens up a space between both of the rows which is going to allow better airflow. Sure, doing so is going to reduce the amount of wood you can fit in there, but if the firewood is certainly fresh, i would opt for this route instead.

Why stacking firewood on pallets is a great idea

The ease of moving, primarily. If you have a tractor equipped with forks, you’ll be able to move a loaded pallet anywhere you want on your property!

Perhaps you prefer one particular spot for drying. Leave it be there to dry for the summer, and once the fall approaches, move that thing closer to your home.

Let’s be honest here, it is an inexpensive rack solution. If one breaks, you can always build a new one in a pinch, right? I mean, it never hurts to use the sturdiest pallets you can get your hands on, but as they say, what you get is what you use.

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