Can You Tow a Log Splitter?

Probably, but only if

Many places, states allow log splitters to be towed on the road. That being said, you must be sure one is actually up to standards before you do any of that.

Just that it has wheels doesn’t mean it can be towed. You have to be sure the manufacturer actually allows the thing to be pulled with a vehicle first.

Once that is out the way, you must check out the state’s laws regarding this topic. The reason why is because in some places, you can do it as it is without any other work; in others, you must have it registered, equipped with lightning, etc.

What about towing on the highway?

This depends on what splitter you have.

Many of them can only be pulled up to 45 MPH (72 kph). Now this might not seem that huge of a deal at first, but if you have to hit any major highway, well, it’s not going to work out.

Even if you could pull a log splitter at those speeds, there are many other reasons why you may want to still consider not doing so.

To start with, it can be unstable.

Lack of decent tires, springs and all that can make the splitter literally budge and jump around; this can get even worse if you hit a pothole and such.

Another thing is the visibility. If you favor a truck or SUV, it’ll be hard to see much of the splitter from the seat of your vehicle.

I can tell you one thing – if it’s a one time thing, yeah, you could probably get away by just towing. If you’ll be doing that regularly, a trailer would prove to be a much better option.

More tips…

If there’s any need to back up, just unhitch the log splitter and move it where you need by hand; doing so with the vehicle can prove to be much more difficult.

Even if the state you live does not require any lightning on the back of the splitter (as long as the vehicle’s rear lights aren’t obstructed), i’d still advice investing into a pair of trailer lights. Sure, this can be an overkill, but if you’ll be towing the thing often, this isn’t a bad idea at all. So can be said if you put some sort of flag back there; it’s also going to make it easier to see it from the driver’s seat.

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