Hello everybody! It’s me, the owner of this website, Julius. I want to tell a bit about myself on this page.

The reason why i started this website back in 2017 is to share the experiences i have learned surrounding the topic of firewood.

Splitting, cutting, bucking – you name it, if i haven’t already talked about something related to the topic, i will in the future!

My family has been heating the house with wood for as long as i remember.

Now we were never those types of folks who got already split and seasoned firewood delivered right to the door step – a lot of the processing was done by our own hands, mainly my dad and I.

I mean, we never really went out to the woods and cut our own trees. Most of the time we ordered as much logs as we needed in delimbed form, and would then go to work at it.

This means bucking the actual logs, splitting them and actually stacking to season.

Truth be told, i never really looked forward to this. Being a young kid, all you wanted to do is spend the time the way you actually want; that being said, as i now grown up to be somewhat of an adult, i appreciate and actually enjoy that type of work a lot more.

It’s not like we spend months on end to get the batch ready for the upcoming season – all it takes is just a couple weekends of effort and we’re done with all of it.

How many cords do we burn through a year?

Good question. I never took time to even think about this before fully, but i would say it is somewhere around 5 cords.

Favorite firewood tool

I have to say it’s the maul. There is nothing more manly than going through a pile of rounds early in the morning, with nothing more than just a splitting maul and your effort.

I rarely come in contact with gnarly wood, so wedges are not used that much in my arsenal.

Considering i am a young buck, log splitters are not my main concern right now. But that’s what they all say, right? Eventually you end up getting old, and having that mechanical advantage helping you is only a good thing.