Buy Firewood Log Length or Already Split | What Is The Better Choice

Firewood isn’t cheap, that’s a fact.

Finding the least expensive way to supply yourself is certainly a priority in many homeowners’ minds, and two of the most common routes (instead of scrounging) is either buying already split wood or logs that have to be processed.

So what is the better choice, after all? This is what i’ll try to answer on the article.

Log length


Image by Evelyn Simak via Wikimedia Commons

Buying firewood in log form can save you up to twice, if not more, money.

I mean, in some regions a cut, split and delivered cord of hardwood can go way up to 250$, while in log form it may only be 150$.

But don’t take my word for it – the price difference really depends on your region and the time of the year.


Image by Alan Levine via Flickr

No extra work

All split firewood requires is time to get it stacked, nothing more – the same definitely cannot be said about a load of logs.

To start with, full-length logs have to be bucked up (cut) to specific length.

That alone will require a chainsaw, and other numerous safety equipment. Experience doing this sort of thing also helps.

The rounds that are left off will also need to be split, as well. You could get away with just a splitting maul, but it’s best to use a log splitter.

The thing i’m trying to tell here is that messing with logs requires more effort than just getting it done with delivered, already nicely split pieces.

Again, you do end up saving more that way, but is it worth to invest that additional time and equipment to process those long logs? I guess that is up to you.

And the winner is…

Whatever your heart desires…

Seriously – the choice here has little to do with money, really.

Most serious enthusiasts would agree with me that buying a truck load of logs is far more fun to play with than just a dump of splits.

You get a chance to run the saw, break out the maul or log splitter and get to work at it!

And that’s all there is to living the life, right?

I can tell you this – if you are new to this whole firewood thing, starting out with just buying properly seasoned and split wood is probably a better route.

In the meantime, go ahead and invest yourself into buying actual logs and processing them yourself.

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