What Is The Best Type Of Wood for Kindling?

Conifers, such as pine and cedar are generally considered to be the types of wood that make excellent kindling.

The reason why is because they are naturally more resinous, and that stuff is what makes this kind of wood catch on fire more easily.

With that said, you don’t have to go out looking for these particular kinds of wood just to make appropriate kindling – any wood can work great for the purpose of making a fire, you just have to be sure to do it right.

What makes great kindling

I can’t stress this enough, but for kindling to work good you have to make sure it is dry, just as you would for regular firewood.

In other words, if you want to make kindling from firewood you already have it must be less than 20% in moisture content.

Any much higher and you’ll have kindling that either has a hard time to get going, or not catch on fire at all.

A great video that demonstrates how to split up kindling

Alternative ways to get kindling

Have you ever noticed just how much “trash” accumulates on the ground after splitting wood? Those scraps can work very well for kindling purposes.

Another option is the bark! It too can be collected off the ground after work, or you may want to take extra time and remove it from the rounds you’re going to process.

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