What To Know When Operating A Wood Stove With A Ceiling Fan

Some wood burners might think that using a ceiling fan during the heating season might be a waste of heat… but let me tell you, that is very much wrong, if you know how do to it right, that is.

Turn the fan the other way around

What I mean by that is that you should run the fan clockwise; that is, the air should blow upwards towards the ceiling, instead of at you.

Now that might seem counter intuitive at first, but think about – if during summer you want the ceiling fan to blow air at you, for the sake of a breeze to feel cooler, why would that hold true during winter?

You want any and all air to be pulled upwards, to mix with the warmer air that collects at the top and go downwards into the room, hence increasing the overall room temperature.

But take this with a grain of salt!

The thing is that this method might not work for everybody as well as it did for me.

Some might argue that they feel much warmer with the ceiling fan blowing air directly at them, and that could actually be very true.

You see, it all depends on your house’s structure. Maybe your ceilings are tall; perhaps they are vaulted too. In that case, leaving the fan on the way it already was may just be better!

As a general rule of thumb, I always suggest running the ceiling fans clockwise during colder months, but if you find that to not work at all, feel free to run it the way you feel works better for you.

Try some alternatives

A ceiling fan is not the only appliance that can help you move the warm stove’s air across the room better, if not the whole floor.

Pick up a stove top fan

You’d be surprised how well these small fans work.

You just put one on top of the stove and let it do it’s thing, that’s it. No batteries, no noisiness either.

It pushes the warm air that wants to go up the ceiling horizontally, that is, straight across the room.

I can only image this thingy would work even better in conjunction with the ceiling fan!

Use a box fan

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