This is How Long It Takes to Stack 1 Cord of Firewood

These are the reasons why a homeowner would be pondering such a question: maybe he wants to find out “the industry standard” stacking speed, so he could brush up his skills? Or perhaps he wants to hire a person or two to do the job, and know what to expect?

It takes about 1 hour to stack a cord of firewood for an experienced person, with the right setup.

What do i mean by “the right setup”?

Well, those are just variables on which the speed of the whole process depends upon.

What saves the most amount of time is certainly the distance. If you are able to build a stack right where the wood had been dumped, you’re going to achieve the fastest results.

Now if the pile is some hundred feet away, the time it’ll take to stack the same cord can even double, if not triple.

Other time-slowing factors are whether or not supports have to be made as well; the quality of the actual pieces, that is, the consistency in length, its grain (Image 1).

(Image 1) See the arrow? If supports like these have to be included too, the time it’ll take to stack the same cord can be significantly increased.

Image by MarkBuckawicki via Wikimedia Commons

How much to pay for stacking a cord of wood

In case you came here to figure out how much to pay for this kind of job, I’ll say a good price to start from should be at least 20 bucks per cord. Paying by the hour can lead to some iffy results, so it’s best to judge the pay by how much progress is done, i think.

If you’re going to employ a younger guy or girl, the time it’ll take to stack the same cord can even go as far as 3+ hours, and for a reason – there’s an art to it.

There is nothing easy in building a solid stack that will stand the test of time, so to expect an inexperienced person, even in the best working arrangement, to plow through a cord an hour is a bit far fetched.

I mean, you may end up being in there, watching the progress to have the stack made just how you like it. Again, this is a precise, somewhat of a thinking-related process; it takes time.

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