5 Best Hookaroons (Pickaroons) Reviewed

A hookaroon, or as some folks call it pickaroon, hookeroon is a very handy tool every person has to have who deals with anything related to firewood, such as its stacking, cutting, moving, etc.

Essentially, it’s an arm extension, so to speak – you will never again need to bend down to reach cut wood to stack it, move large logs around, or even move cut trees into a desired position.

There are a lot of hookaroons on the market, so this post is here to help you figure out which one is the best for you.

Fiskars 28 inch

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Fiskars pretty much dominates any hand tool market right now, so it’s not a surprise it’s the first pick on this list.


The tool comes in two length versions – 12 inch or 28 inch. I suggest buying the longer type, as the smaller one seems to be too small for any firewood related job.

You might even try buying two pickaroons as having a second one might really help moving larger trees or even logs around.

The price difference between the two length versions is almost double, but as i said before, you’re better off buying a longer hookeroon, simply because there are more uses for it, but then again, you might still want a short one as they also weigh less.

Now about the weight – the 28 inch version of the tool is somewhat light, weighing only around 1.8 pounds.

The heavier the tool, the easier it is to sink into any sort of wood, but here’s the problem – the heavier tool will also fatigue you far more quickly than a light one would.

I highly suggest choosing a lighter picaroon, especially if your goal is to mainly use it to reach firewood off the ground for stacking, unloading it from a vehicle, trailer, picking it from the ground to split into more pieces, as the added weight will only tire you out more than do actual good.

The great thing about this tool, as with many of Fiskars, is if you do manage to somehow damage it during normal use, it has full life time warranty.

Its handle is made from fiberglass, which is a synthetic material that’s stronger than wood.

The handle’s gripping part is also improved, making it less slippery than regular fiberglass or wooden handle, and because it is hollow, it won’t transmit as much shock during use as a regular fiberglass or wooden handle would.

Some people like tools with synthetic handles, others hate, but i very much recommend the synthetic ones, because as i said before, they are more durable than wood.

The pronounced flare at the bottom of the tool’s handle is also a nice addition, which ensures that the bottom hand won’t slip out off the handle during use. There’s also a hole for either hanging it on a wall, or hooking up a lanyard.

The hookaroon also comes with an included sheath for the protection of the hook.

Things to consider before buying

It’s quite light weight. I did mention this before as a good feature, but some people view it as an actual disadvantage, and that’s the only reason why i’m pointing this out here. If you did end up buying the product and that seems to be a problem for you, try hanging some weight on the tool’s hook as it has a hole through it.

The tool is also rather short – if that seems to be an issue for you, you can try looking into other hookeroons i suggest on this list, some of which are as long as 36 inches.

In conclusion

The Fiskars 28 inch hookaroon (link to Amazon) isn’t the heaviest, neither the longest on this list, but i still think it’s the best choice simply because you don’t need any more of those features. Sure, you might disagree with me, and if you do, i offer other suggestions that might suit you, but the thing truly has all the proper specifications; on top of that, it’s made by no other than Fiskars, so that should already speak by itself.

Council Tool 36 inch

Check it out on Amazon

If you love natural, rustic looking and even American made tools, this option might be exactly for you.


The picaroon features a long, 36 inch handle – that is a whole 8 inches longer than the Fiskars one! The handle is made from wood, more specifically hickory.

The handle is a lot more curvy than on the many other options i showcase, and i think that is a good thing, as it makes the tool slightly more comfortable.

Just like many other hookarons here, this one also has a nicely pronounced flare at the bottom, which will prevent your bottom hand from slipping off the handle during use.

The tool has some weight to it, 3 pounds to be exact. In comparison, the Fiskars one weighs only 1.8 pounds, which is almost two times lighter. The extra weight helps to get it stick a lot better in any sort of wood, though.

Made in the United States.

Things to consider before buying

The weight of the pickaroon is a bit too much for most of the tasks. The added weight definitely helps to get it stay better in the wood, but i don’t think it is that necessary, as having a heavier tool will simply fatigue you more, making the extra weight useful only for short time use.

It’s a tool with a wooden handle, meaning if you miss and hit the handle, you can damage it – do it long enough and you’ll need to replace it.

In conclusion

The hickory handle, the length, the weight and the fact that it’s made in America might entice you in purchasing the picaroon (check it out on Amazon), especially if you don’t like tools with synthetic parts like the Fiskars one, or even the other ones down below.

Logrite 30 inch

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I should begin by pointing out that this hookaroon has neither wood or synthetic handle – it’s made from aluminum, which is very resistant to rust, and overall very durable. If you manage to over strike and hit the handle, it won’t damage as much as a wood one would.

The grip is made from textured rubber, which makes for more comfortable use.

The hookeroon’s handle length is somewhere in the middle between the Fiskars and the Council Tool – it’s 30 inches.

Properly balanced and weighs quite a bit – the total tool weight is 3 pounds.

The barb on this tool’s head is very much different than on the other ones on this list, as it’s more round and pointy, which might make for easier sticking in various types of wood.

Things to consider before buying

The only real problem, if you could call it one, is the tool’s length, which still falls short to other pickaroons such as the Council Tool one. Longer types are generally more versatile, as you can reach further.

The handle grip which is made from rubber could wear off after some use, so you will probably need to fix it up by wrapping it with some tape, or all around replace.

In conclusion

The hookaroon is great – it’s made from metal, and has some weight to it; it’s just that it is more short than the Fiskars picaroon, so if that suits your needs, this might be for you.

Peavey Mfg 36 inch

View the product on Amazon


Just like the Council Tool, this hookeroon also has a 36 inch long handle, which is an advantage, as the longer the tool, the further you can reach with it.

Weighs just about 2.5 pounds, meaning that it’s lighter than the first pickaroon with a wooden handle on this list.

The hook on its head is also slightly more different than on any other tool on this post, as it has more of a long, and less hooked shape – that might make the tool stick easier into wood, but if you would try to drag something like a larger log around, it probably wouldn’t hold as good, so a more hooked shape end would be better for the task.

Things to consider before buying

It doesn’t weigh a ton, so if you want your tool to clamp better onto wood, you might consider looking into other picaroons i suggest which are heavier; just don’t forget the drawbacks that come from the added weight (explained in detail at the bottom of the page).

The handle is made from wood, which as we know, is not very durable, so if you will over strike on it too many times, you’ll need to replace it.

It is fairly pricey. I can’t tell how much you should expect to pay for this thing, as prices always fluctuate, but expect paying more than for hookeroons such as the Fiskars, or Council Tool.

In conclucion

Once again, if you love natural, rustic tools then this option (affiliate link) should suit your needs, but know that it costs more than even the Council Tool alternative, which has almost identical features, just weighs 0.5 pounds more.

Woodchuck Tools 32 inch

Get it on Amazon


The pickaroon looks very much like the Logrite one, as it also has a steel head, and an aluminium base.

Woodchuck Tools hookaroon is somewhere in the middle of all picaroons in length – it’s 32 inches.

It has a unique feature which is a finger grip above the regular handle grip – this lets you secure your hand more firmly to the tool, and also makes it easier to know where the head pointing at.

In total, the picker weighs 2 pounds.

Just like the Fiskars hookaroon, this one too has a lifetime warranty, which says a lot about the tool’s quality, as it’s also made entirely in the U.S.A.

Things to consider before buying

Not the longest, neither heaviest tool on this list, so you have to make sure whether these specifications are enough for your needs.

Generally costs a lot more than many other’s on this list.

In conclusion

If you liked the Logrite, but some of the specifications or even the looks didn’t match your needs, then this tool should be an option, just remember, expect to pay more for it than the former or many other pickaroons on this list.

You can buy it on Amazon.

How to Choose a Hookaroon

Image by Jost Gudelius via Wikimedia Commons

Hookaroons come in many different lengths, shapes and sizes, but how do you choose the right one?

The most important thing when deciding what to get is knowing what weight and length is enough for you.

In my opinion, the Fiskars’ 28 inch long handle, and the 1.8 pound overall weight is perfect, as you really don’t need any more of those specifications.

Sure, a longer handle will let you reach even a further piece of wood, but often times from that comes the added weight, and if the tool weighs 3 pounds (and there are many of those on this list), you will just fatigue yourself more than get any advantage.

Heavier options do stick into firewood better, but once again, having a tool which weighs almost two times more than the suggested Fiskars hookaroon, will simply make your job more cumbersome, especially if you will use it for basic tasks such as picking cut firewood off the ground, stacking it and so on.

For me, tools have always been about performance, not looks. I don’t care that it has a synthetic handle, i don’t care that it looks unnatural – it works great, and i love it, that’s all. That’s why i suggest it as a top choice for you guys.

How to Care for Your Tool

If the picaroon has a wooden handle, just like any other wooden tool, don’t forget to rub it up with some boiled linseed oil every season. If the handle does manage to dry out and darken, just use some sandpaper to sand off the old oil layer, and apply some new.

After some use the hook will start to dull. You can sharpen it with a simple bastard mill file (link to it), and that will get the job done. If you bought a new pickaroon and the edge on the hook doesn’t satisfy you, you can easily sharpen it up with the same file.

To Wrap It All Up

A hookaroon is one of those tools even some of the biggest firewood enthusiasts haven’t heard of before, but once you start using it, you realize how much you have missed out, and how easier your life will be from now on.

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  1. Nice article! Period!

    I am interested in the hookaroons that have a real deeply curved handle up where one’s pinky would conform to, the idea being that one would not need such tight grip. Thoughts?

    Such as: Oregon 536320 Log Lifting Pick/Aluminum Sappie – 27.5″

    1. The Oregon does have an interesting curvy handle which may be more ergonomic, but i really don’t think it will need less of a grip to use, in that sense.

      What i do like about it is that it has a very pronounced flare at the bottom, and being so light (1.2 pounds) i think it might be a great solution to those who can’t bear the heaviest of tools.

  2. Two times lighter would mean a negative number. For example, if a tool weighs 3 lb, 2 times lighter would mean 3 lb-2×3 lb, or -3 lb.

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